Revolutionizing the way the world creates, distributes and consumes energy.

Our mission is to revolutionize the way the world creates, distributes and consumes energy.

  • transform energy generation
  • restore climate and environment
  • lower the cost of power
  • maximize investor returns
  • provide customized solutions
  • employ strategic partnerships
  • provide consulting & advisory
  1. To develop and implement revolutionary sustainable energy technologies, services, and deployment solutions in order to enhance company profitability, the environment, quality of life, and standards of living globally.
  2. To empower our investors and partners with leading information and analysis to make sound, long-term financial decisions in an increasingly volatile, complex, and regulated clean energy marketplace.
  3. To provide concept-development for greenfield or retro-fit power projects, power systems engineering, climate & regulatory research & analysis, consulting / advisory, and/or finance resources.

ParagonPower was formed to provide these objectives in Canada, and in other developed and emerging nations, and to bring a solutions based approach to address a wide range of power generation and developmental issues around the world.

We recognize the urgent need to address the issues of pollution and climate change and their impact on communities globally by being involved in sectors of the economy that will drive change in the way we all live together.

Paragon has built relationships with top-tier research, engineering, finance, and technology firms, as well as created strategic partnerships, to implement and deliver revolutionary power technology.  We recognize the need to provide investors, partner companies, and customers with increased returns, reduced costs, cheaper energy, and a clean environment.