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Power Technologies

There is a little known revolution going on in the worlds of particle physics and power generation. 

Humankind’s understanding of Nature and physics has been radically revised, and now, as a result, an entirely new power system has been developed which is capable of generating commercial levels of electrical and thermal power – simply and easily from safe, inexpensive, non-polluting reactions, all at very low cost.  

This technology represents the single greatest industrial innovation since the steam engine, one which will fully redefine the way the world will generate and use power in the decade ahead. 

Its commercial potential and development has been independently confirmed and validated by six different groups of leading scientists and product development experts from industry and academia, with Ph.D.s from prestigious universities, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and California Institute of Technology.

Commercialization is progressing quickly.  Systems to power homes (5-10kW) are expected to market in 2016, with larger systems to power commercial enterprises and small industry expected in 2017.  Systems for transportation should follow shortly after.  Details will remain confidential for the time being to protect the interests of Paragon and its development partners.

Paragon is part of the international team helping to develop this transformational commercial technology. To inquire further about joining this development effort, contact us.

While this new technology’s commercial development continues, there are a range of other evolving power-related technologies available to business and consumers in the interim, either as alternatives and/or complements to conventional power generation systems.

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