Revolutionizing the way the world creates, distributes and consumes energy.

Next Generation Technology

  • visionary innovation
  • profit-driven
  • 100% sustainable
  • short & long term ROI

There is a significant and growing gap in energy generation capacity in both developed and emerging markets. Paragon is committed to using proven next-generation technology to develop profit-driven long-term renewable energy projects to meet those challenges.

The global market for energy is a massive 15 terawatts of power consumed annually, with projected demand as high as 30 terawatts for 2050. Worldwide concern over climate change, security of supply & political risk in oil producing regions, and the 2007/08 spike in oil prices generated a surge of innovation in the renewable energy sector over the past few years. 

Paragon helps clients capitalize on the latest innovation to develop sustainable energy plants that are cost-competitive over the life of the project.  To accomplish this, Paragon develops partnerships with leading energy technology providers in emerging tech, hydrogen, solar, wind, power storage, smart grid tech, and installation.  With our partners, Paragon can guarantee that projects will utilize the most modern, cutting edge technology globally available. See Emerging Energy Technologies.